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If your deck is showing signs of wear, a thorough cleaning is a good start. However, to truly revive and protect your deck, sealing is essential. Continuous exposure to UV rays and rain can lead to fading, cracking, splitting, and warping of neglected decks. A well-maintained deck not only looks better but also boasts a longer lifespan. Although this is a multi-day project with waiting times between cleaning and sealing, opting for STR Pro Painting’s professional deck staining services can simplify the process for you.

Performing a water test is a simple way to determine if the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the deck, and if it soaks in immediately, sealing is necessary. If water beads up, your deck may not need sealing yet, but a new wood treatment might be in order.

Choosing the Right Stain or Sealer for Your Deck

Selecting a deck stain or sealer that repels water, resists mildew, and prevents fading in high-traffic areas is crucial. Sealers and stains come in water-based or oil-based options. While oil-based finishes retain their color longer, water-based finishes are typically more durable and longer-lasting. In deck staining, there are four major categories of sealants and stains:

Clear Water Repellent

Provides basic protection, including waterproofing, minimal UV protection, and sometimes mildew growth prevention. Offers clear or natural-look finishes with minimal UV protection, leading to wood graying within a few months. Performance ranges from 6 months to up to 2 years.

Toner or Tinted Water Repellent

Similar to clear sealant but with added pigment or color. Delays wood graying, provides additional protection against sun damage, and helps restore the wood's original look. Performance is around 2 to 3 years.

Semi-Transparent Stains

Contains more pigment, offering subtle color while revealing the wood's grain and texture. Provides additional protection against water and sun damage, lasting for 3 to 4 years.

Solid Stain

Provides the most pigment, offering the best wood protection. Hides wood grain while allowing some texture to show through. Ideal for heavily weathered wood, covering damaged wood fibers. Performance is often 5 years or more, depending on exposure and foot traffic.

Your Deck Painting Professionals at STR Pro Painting

When choosing a stain, consider that the finished color varies based on the wood. If applying a new stain over an old one, choose a similar or darker color. Adequately worn or thoroughly stripped old coatings allow the new coating to penetrate the wood. Conduct a small test-patch in an inconspicuous area for the right color and appearance.

For redwood and cedar, which contain tannins that may bleed, use a dark-colored stain or a wood cleaner formulated to remove tannin stains. Recoating every 2 to 3 years helps maintain a fresh look. Trust STR Pro Painting for professional deck staining services that bring out the best in your outdoor space.

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