Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Eliminating Outdated Practices for a Safer Home Environment

Popcorn ceilings had their heyday in the ’70s, but today, many homeowners are opting to remove this dated style from their homes. However, ridding your ceiling of this rough surface is not as straightforward as it may seem. STR Pro Painting has got you and your ceiling covered. As a residential and commercial painting service, we offer various options, including popcorn ceiling removal services. Our team is highly experienced in this process, understanding the precise steps to take.

Reasons to Consider Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Asbestos Risk

If your home was constructed before the late 1970s, there's a possibility that your popcorn ceiling contains asbestos. Disturbing this material can pose serious health risks.

Hard to Paint

The texture of popcorn ceilings makes them challenging to paint. If you want to update the color of your room or apply a fresh coat, it can be quite difficult.

Difficult to Repair or Clean

Popcorn ceilings tend to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime in their crevices, requiring frequent cleaning. The textured surface makes cleaning challenging, especially if asbestos is present.

Our Professional Removal Process

To effectively remove popcorn textures from ceilings, we employ specialized machines and procedures that won’t damage your ceiling. We prioritize addressing the asbestos risk during the removal process. Once the removal is complete, we address any imperfections such as gouges and pockmarks by leveling the ceiling before painting.

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