Wood Staining

Expert Painters for Transformative and Protective Wood Finishes

Whether you’re looking to revive wooden stairs, furniture, or an entire deck, the transformative benefits of staining are worth considering. Staining not only enhances the appearance of old wood but also provides protection against fading and damage. At STR Pro Painting, our dedicated team takes pride in offering professional and high-quality wood staining services. We use premium paints and stains to safeguard outdoor wood from the effects of weathering and warping. Our wood staining process includes:



Using drop cloths and painter’s tape to protect your property

A Clean Ground

Cleaning and sanding the surface

Correct Application

Adhering to meticulous processes for high-quality application, such as following the wood grain


Applying multiple coats to achieve the desired result

Long Lasting Use

Using a sealant to ensure long-lasting protection for your wood

High Satisfaction

Thoroughly cleaning up upon project completion and ensuring your satisfaction

Trust in Professionalism

When it comes to staining or painting, the difference between an inexperienced job and a professional finish is often clear. Uneven coating, bleeding paint, and irregular lines are telltale signs of amateur work. For results backed by two-year warranties, turn to the professional team at STR Pro Painting.

With extensive experience, the right tools, and a commitment to detailed processes, we have successfully completed thousands of painting and wood staining services like yours over the years. Our dedication to your total satisfaction drives us to go above and beyond, delivering outstanding results. To learn more, contact your local STR Pro Painting at +1 (267) 400-1995 or reach out to us online for a free estimate.

Why Choose STR Pro Painting?

Top-Quality Stains

We source our stains from trusted manufacturers and offer a wide range of styles and colors.

Vision Understanding

Before starting any staining project, we take the time to understand your vision and expectations, working with you to ensure your desired results.

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